Friday, 27 August 2010

My tank top collection

This is my favourite tank top.It has a powder pink colour shade that I adore and it fits well with black. Pink and black a really strong combo.
I've worn it well through the winter as underwear and in the summer as a basic.I love this piece.

This is my second best tank top and the reason is it fits me perfectly. It was bought in a big retail shop but it is supreme quality.The colour is rich and among my favourites. It has served me really well until now.

This is my basic black tank top.Really versatile and good quality cotton.It was given to me by my sister in law about a year ago.I like it and use it often even though it's a bit on the loose side.

The brown tank top is the last one I acquired .It was given to me by my mother in the beginning of the summer.I like the colour of it but it's polyester and I don't like the feel of it as it gets sticky when it is hot.So, I only wear it in the evenings and only for a couple of hours.

 My blue tank top fits me well and it's a great colour but it shows signs of wear and  I'm gonna have to replace it soon. It also spots a small hole when my younger son decided to... bite it.What was he thinking?

This is my light pink tank top that I haven't figured out how to style yet. It was given  to me by my mum recently and I 'll use it as a layering piece in the winter .It's polyester and thus very warm for the summer.

With  the gray tank top my collection is complete and serves me well. I haven't used this one as much because I'm not a great fan of gray but  it's a good solid basic and it's turn will come.

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