Saturday, 22 October 2011

How to rediscover your clothes

dress i've made back in 2009 , camel cardigan , french scarf , my favorite riding boots , velvet bag
Things are getting tighter and tighter with the money here in Greece so I decided this is the year to really play around with what I have in my closet.
Like I have already mentioned in earlier posts there will be no new purchases this year , including 2012 , too.
So this afternoon I had the inspiration to play Polyvor with what I have and mix a few clothes to make new combinations.

burgundy chanel like jacket , light blue men's shirt , emerald  scarf ,denim trousers (not pictured here  ) , broques
I made a bit of recearch and got inspired by this great blog of the vivienne files and I came up with the following conclusion probably a no brainer to many of you but for me it hit home just this morning.
If I train my eyes to many different color combinations then I can have numerous new outfits without spending a dime. 
olive green tartan scarf  and denim dress , strong blue cardigan and camel bag & shoes
Only by playing around with color , scarves and accessories ( I plan to diy a few during this winter ) I can strech my existing wardrobe big time.
I love all the outfits I came up and evrything seems so new again just because I tried different color palettes.
olive green monochromatic cardi /tshirt /skirt and a puprle scarf on top , never have I tried that
If you want to do what I did you follow these steps:
hung your clothes roughly according to color (all black together ,all greys together next to blacks etc )
get inspiration from polyvor or numerous other collages 
Pay attention to color combinationsthere
 try to recreate a few with what you have.
make outfits around the scarves you own .
bag I made , scarf I love
Whatever you do just make sure you blessed the clothes you already have and buy nothing new. This will give you time and space to rediscover what you already own and give them the love they deserve . Clean them , iron them put some  perfume to them and they will become precious to you .
I greatly enjoyed playing around with my clothes. I hope you find my outfits well put together and I hope even more that  you  try some new combinations yourselves !


  1. Things are the tightest at my house than they have ever been, so I love what you are doing here! The top look is my favorite. I am very close to being put on a no spend edic, but for now I can do some long as I sell some of my things to get the money to spend!!

  2. These photos are lovely and so inspirational, Angie. It is fun to play with new color combinations and to add accessories in new ways. You have a lot of artistic talent!

  3. Love this post! The photos are great. You're inspiring me to go play around in the closet a little more because I, too, have been in a "more with less" holding pattern of late.

  4. Its true; If you can just mix your brain up for a bit and change combos up--you"ll have a whole new wardrobe in no time! Good luck with all and have fun~

  5. Money is tighter for me than it ever is before. Makes it a little better knowing I'm not alone. Can't wait to see how you style things!