Sunday, 2 October 2011

Take a different direction

It so happens in life that interests shift and at the moment my creativity forces me to put all my energy in decorating and transforming my house .

All my beautiful followers I'm sure have noticed already my falling in love with DIY projects and this time I'm not gonna walk away from what my instict  tells me to do.

I will keep my dressing style very simple and minimal involving a few basic pieces and I will be blogging about my diy and decoration adventures in my other blog angie's world.
I will be checking your wonderful blogs and occassionaly post my outfits probably on a weekly base but mostly I will dive the diy deep waters. Feel free to join me !!!


  1. Great for you that you are discovering all kinds of talents! You are creative and resourceful, so we will be seeing lots of fabulous things : >

  2. I love looking at interior design almost as much as fashion..I cannot wait to see your ideas. I like your striped scarf in the second picture!!