Saturday, 24 September 2011

Well dressed and crafty

I'm so much into little crafty projects that I didn't manage to take the time and post what I wore during the week .
I like how I wear simple basic pieces again . I seem to gravitate between simple classic a bit tomboysh look where I repeat a few basic pieces and a different persona everyday look with lots of color . I will wait and see where this style polarisation might take me.

 Like I told you it has been a totally creative weekend . You see , I had many projects on my mind and I managed somehow put them together this weekend .
First it was this ethnic bag that I found in the local market for 2 euros. I didn't like everything about the bag but I knew I could work on it and make a few alterations . I know that ethnic bags are a trend and I wanted to give it a try without breaking the bank ( Hey ! I live in Greece and we might go bunkcrupt any day now , or so they say).
So ,  I took the ugly straps from the back as you see in the first photo and replaced with an old belt of mine as seen in photo number 3.In the middle photo you see how I replaced the fabric around the opening of the bag . It's the bag you see me carrying above .

After I tackled the bag I decided to make my house look a bit more beautiful . I had cleaned it and had decluttered my home during the whole month and it felt like the right time to decorate. Beleive me can't decorate a messy , clutterd home.
So, I went out in the garden and cut  the leaves ,secured them in place to get the round shape and tied a simple garland around .
Now , my front door looks so much more nice. But that's not all.

Then I transformed  these green ugly bottles with left over fabric and glue . I have to say the jute stuff is amazing . It's cheap and easy to use . For the flags I used the the material you find around the neck of a wine bottle wrapped around a tooth pick .

I had some unfinished business with the pillows in the living room . I meant to make covers for them for a ...gasp couple of years  ...I bet you know the story.
That's how the pillows look now . The red one I made from scratch... the filling ( from old huge teddybears)  and all !
And here is how I made the covers ! It's the easiest way you can imagine and it ivolves no zippers or buttons. Beware though can be addictive !!!
 1. Place the pillow on the cloth to take measurements . Take the measurements on the tight side so the pillow looks stuffed and fluffy.
2 . Put the right side of the cloth to face the table and make a seam of 1-2 cm
3-4-5- . Just to make sure every thing fits and the two ends of the cloth overlap. 
6 . (I have no clue why no6 became invisible but it's the last photo ) Now sew again at each end parallel to the measuring tape. Turn inside out and stuff your pillow into the cover .

Once you get the hang of it you can make a case in less than 5 minutes !!!
I plan to tackle a few more projects this weekend . Nice weekend to you all and get crafty it's so rewarding , creative and it saves a lot of money.


  1. Great ideas! I like your outfits too especially the one on the far right.

  2. You have been very busy and very creative, Angie! I like your "tomboy" looks so much, and your new bag is fantastic!

  3. I continue to be amazed at the great things you can do! Love the bag. I also really, really like the belted, military-style jacket on the right. Great look! (And is that your face that I almost see, peeking out at the edge of the photos? Hooray!)

  4. Goodness, you have been crafty!

    I love that ethnic bag and agree it's a good trend to try without spending tons of money.

    I really like all of your outfits, but especially the last one.

  5. You are so creative, Angie! I am not the best at DIY, but I do try...with limited success! I love your outfit with the vest and the striped favorite!!

  6. I really like the outfit on the far right. I have been thinking lately that when my blog began it was with a few shy DIY ideas for jewelry...and I have stopped doing that. It is satisfying to be creative.