Sunday, 11 September 2011


You've probably noticed how many bracelets are piled up on the wrists of stylish people the world over this summer. Well , today was my turn to have a go. I made team with my daughter , we gathered material from all over the house and we followed these instructions . Much less than an hour later we had our bracelets . We made small alterations like we used rope instead of leather cord and beads instesd of brass hex nut but you can use anything that can do the job .
We are both very proud because we accessorized in no time spending no money at all . Plus ,this is a good starting project as it requires zero skills.
This actually was meant to be  my  Visible Monday post but blogger decided otherwise . Never mind I'll give it one more try . I strongly believe that accessorizing is the epitomy of personalizing an outfit . Many times accessories make the plainest outfit visible and all the more if the accessories are self made . My personal experience is that  a sense of pride is infused into the way I carry the outfit that makes me more visible. I strongly suggest that you find ways to incorporate some diy projects into your style.


  1. These are so awesome, Angie! I love the vivid colors. Love that watch too : >

  2. Looks like a fun afternoon project!

  3. What a wonderful activity to share. I've printed out the instructions for the hex nut bracelet, but DH seems reluctant to part with his stash of nuts. They look great!

  4. Gorgeous and so colorful! Brava to you and your daughter for your creativity. And thanks so much for participating in Visible Monday! xoxoxo- Patti

  5. Love the watch and you all did excellent on the DIY. Accessories do make an outfit!
    I have been having trouble with blogger today too. It gets frustrating at times!

  6. Modern with Classic look...really awesome...Love to wear & carry...
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