Thursday, 1 September 2011

Husband's pants

When I went through my tomboy period ,which by the way is not over but a bit sleepy at the moment , I searched for men clothes in the nearest and most obvious place ... my husband's closet. I've cleaned and ironed and tidied and sometimes ,though rarely , I even bought his clothes but I had never thought of wearing them before.
What I realized for the first time as  soon as I opened his closet was how little clothes he owns .It's a very small amount and still he only  wears half of it most of the time.
The second thing I realized was that he owns no prints , it's only basic colors in there . He owns the exact amount of 2 belts . One black and one brown the kind that looks even better with time. He has 5 pairs of shoes worn the whole year ,one suit and a leather jacket.
I lived next to a minimalist master all this time and I hadn't known . It took me many years and lots of reading and experimenting to build a basic wardrobe and learn the tricks and he did the exact things under my nose  .
When I asked him how he managed to build this basic wardrobe he thought I was speaking chinese ...he couldn't understand what I was asking him . He build a...what ?
It took me more pondering and more reading on the web to come to the conclusion it's just the way men are conditioned to shop ( which is changing fast for obvious reasons ) very few items of good quality in basic colors that co ordinate well . Only when something is worn out  ,only then it gets replaced to something similar of good quality.
So simple but like a riddle to me. Then, after I solved the riddle did I felt entitled to borrow his pants . They produced many nice outfits and they are high waisted which I don't find so easily anymore.
To tell you the truth last night I notice a pair of chaki trousers that get minimal wear from him and I think I might try those out as well . What would you do ???


  1. You made some terrific looks with your husband's pants, Angie! Mine also only has two belts, and does not see the need to ever own more, only to eventually replace them. Maybe 5 or 6 pairs of shoes. And he always looks good!

  2. It's true, isn't it? Men's closets are often quite minimalist and not even on purpose!

  3. I've already said that I love the tomboy look on you, so thanks for this post. I LOVE the look of the far right the most, just because I'm a scarf person, so I relate to it the most. I also love the details that you added to this outfit- the awesome belt, the awesome shoes! The scarf was a great addition as well. I've worn men's pants for most of my adult life, love them! How lucky that your husband's fit you so well-I'm a men's small-medium, he's a 2xl- there's no borrowing for me!

  4. I think my husband is starting to be more interested in his wardrobe...but I've always loved the way he dresses! I do love his jeans though!! ~Serene

  5. I think these look great and I never would have known they were your husbands...this whole look is really in right now and you wear it well!!

  6. Wow you look great in mens pants! Love the way you styled them even more!

  7. I didn't realize you wore glasses (although I wouldn't, I guess, now would I?). It's definitely amazing how different someone looks without them. I actually think I prefer my face with glasses more than without, but maybe I'm just used to wearing them.

  8. I love your style and your blog! Check out mine and follow! I follow yours back!