Wednesday, 1 August 2012

The other dress

Wearing a dress a day has its challenges so I thought that wearing a shirt and my All Stars with it will solve the problem for what to wear today.

I wish I had cut this beauty to put it on my hair but on second thought I let it there for others to enjoy it and took a photo instead

This is the view to the left outside my window and this little lighthouse makes my heart melt.


  1. Love the mixed patterns and the lovely photo of the little lighthouse.

  2. Yes, the little lighthouse is a heart-melter! And you look so fresh in your new dress. These pictures are just lovely, Angie.

  3. I like dresses when it's hot. They're so easy. Pants/shorts - the waistband pinches and is hot.

    I'm liking your beach a lot!

  4. Very pretty photos Angie!
    I love the red sneakers with your outfit! Unexpected cuteness!

  5. Such a cheerful outfit, I love it! And I'm so glad you post photos of Greece, too. I absolutely love your country!!

  6. Love the combination of prints, and of course the pics of your beautiful island. xx