Tuesday, 31 July 2012

The two dresses,well one

Although  brought a lot of seperates with me like shirts and skirts and cotton tops I soon found out  that dresses will save my day.

First I'm so stressed to care about creative combinations and secondly i do some physical work *cleaning cars* so adjusting my clothes or lifting my pencil skirts is no fun.

So off to the local market I went and got me two simple printed dresses identical but in different colors and I wear them all the time plus the blue dress I thrifted.

If I feel bored or inspiration strikes I put a top over or a skirt and a belt and I'm done. Plus it's so hot I'd rather spend my day in my swimsuit. Wait maybe I could fix me an outfit around it.

 To get to know the village Sisi here is the back door from oyr place to the beach road and...

 This is the beach road dry and dusty but beautiful in a wild way....

and this is the view from my window the blue sea and lots of rocks


  1. I like the simplicity of your wardrobe here, Angie - no need to add the stress of elaborate clothing to the other stresses of life! And wow, what gorgeous views of nature you have.

  2. Beautiful scenery and the perfect dress for the scene!! Thanks for sharing with us!

  3. Lovely prints. I think dresses are ideal for hot weather - cool and easy. You sound very busy, but what a beautiful view to look out on every day. xxx

  4. What a beautiful spot for your working vacation.