Friday, 14 December 2012

Christmas spirit

It all started with this little sketch to put me in the mood for Christmas.  I made it myself after consulting a how to sketch Christmas-y things on Google.

 Then ,  I got so passionate to crochet something myself for Christmas to send to 3 school bazzars . I found the designs you see above on Google again and got down to work.I have to give credits to this lovely lady for the tree and the star. Above you see how they look on my Christmas tree and below how they look all together.

I still have some more to make until I start my next project. On the everyday dressing front I'm pretty much loyal to the equestrian style but I plan to make some crocheted summer dresses to be well stocked for next summer.


  1. Lovely ornaments - even better because you created them!

  2. Love your crochet ornaments! They are so cute and make the perfect gift :)