Sunday, 2 December 2012

A sort of a preview

 Hallo lovely ladies ...I'm still overwelmed with my enthousiasm for crochet and all things that can be made with some wool and a hook! It must be such an ancient form of art for women,too.
Anyway , I post today to show you the 3 projects I have on the way . The one above will soon be a very basic a line skirt . I hope that sometime next week it will be ready for styling and photos.
 This lovely brown mess will be an easy to wear bolero ,sleeveless but still warm since we have so high temperature still in Greece .It's a breeze to make's just my hands can't go faster!!!
You see this stick?  I will try and turn it into a hook . It gives me such a buzz to be able to make my own hooks in all sizes. See how it turns out and I might get some help from my husband.
Have a nice week you all and makes all the difference in everyday living.

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  1. Can't wait to see that pink skirt! It's wonderful that your new avocation is so creative and fun.