Monday, 15 December 2014

Round Up

It's been a while since I was around and this because of the hectic rythm of the time before Christmas. But I had been taking my photos almost daily and this is what I looked like. Everyday wear for everyday mid life woman.

*dress thrifted * fleece jacket by Lidl*necklace by blog accessories*nails made by me using stickers*

*Denim shirt by Berska*fleece jacket by Lidl* trousers by M&S*hat by my son*
*skirt thrifted*all else by Zara*

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  1. every day life never looked better!
    you´r such a pretty lady! with a lot of fashion sense! can´t decide whats best because i love all the ensembles here.....
    hugs! xxxxx

  2. You look amazing Angie. You wear all three outfits well. xoxo

  3. Your usual fun stylish ensembles. Your hair is getting long! Happy Christmas Angie.xo JJ

  4. I adore your outfits! all are fabulous! you always accessorize like a dream, I'm in love with your necklace and those nails! they are perfection x x x

  5. I know what you mean, I had busy months, so I didn't visit blogs (even mine), but I am here again, back! I loved the first picture - the skirt is so my taste :) And the necklace of the first and second outfits are also great! You look very beautiful, and I like your style!


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