Friday, 5 December 2014

Working class pants

That's it . Those Levi's pants have to go. They are one of the most expensive items in my wardrobe but utterly unflattering to my body because I think are low waist. Another reason is that I shortened themtoo much. I've been thinking about not wearing them any more for sometime now but when I saw the photos today I was sure. I'll save them for olive picking. They are working class pants after all, aren't they?

Issue number two: Hair. They need to be cut but I'm undecisive at how and where to go since my hairdresser decided to take a pension.

You can't help me with where but any suggestion about the style and color will be greatly appreciated.
*sweater Celestino pure wool gifted* shirt Stradivarious* pants Levi's* oxfords Massomo Dutti*bag Aigner*sunglasses Rayban*necklace Blog accessories
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  1. first - looove that sweater! the roses and the rosy lipstick are so beautiful on you!
    second - yes, that jeans are unflattering. but their new job as an olive picking outfit will get you lots of use and to have sturdy pants for hard labour is a necessity :-)
    for the hair - i have my hair long and cut it myself since ages. no dye since 12 years. just wash - not to often - and go. for a bad hair day there are up-dos. or scarfs/hats. i find long hair very easy and "cheap" to care for once you get used to it.
    hugses! xxxxx

  2. I think the length is fine for flats. They look better with longer tunic-length tops. I wear mine with a minimal belt and rarely tuck tops in. That's only for skinny young girls!

  3. Try something bold and new with your hair! It seems to me you are in the experimental phase now. Hairstyle can change so much.. the way we see ourselves, the way we feel. :)
    I love the pastel top with flowers... so feminine and retro, just dreamy. As for jeans... I don't really see a problem, but if you don't like the way they make you look or feel, then yes, make them real working pants. Good decision.

  4. I see nothing wrong with the jeans :)
    But if they are too low cut and you are not comfortable they have to go.
    I can totally relate to this!

  5. I don't know about working class pants. Never heard of them before!
    I adore the vest and necklace combination, so soft and hard.
    Sorry, no ideas for your hair, I have enough trouble with my own! xo JJ