Thursday, 25 February 2016

In two minds

I really missed blogging my outfits. I will try and keep it very simple this time. I have found a place in our bedroom for a tripod with the camera permanently on. I aspire to just snap a few photos in front of my closet just  before I go out. I plan to post once everyweek. My goal is to be persistent and spend as less time as possible so that my blogging will not interfere so much with all my other activities.

Outfit details- Leather skirt- Primark short dress worn as top-thrifted  Only short cardigan- st Oliver shoes- leather bag( only one I carry)

Outfit details-Zara pants- oxford shirt Anna riska- cotton cardigan Massimo Dutti-boots Alpe

Outfit details-Pants Zara-olive top with lace detail Anna Riska-sawl worn as scarf is crocheted by me- lace detail tights from Calzedonia

Thrifted sweater and push up calzedonia collant (great stuff)

 But then I changed my mind and I want to try to photograph myself in front of the mirror. Never have I tried this technique but I sort of like!

I need to make the room more presentable of course and play around with the settings but other than that I like the end result.
Tshirt by Zara / pants by Calzedonia and vest is crochet by me  / scarf is by M&S
Ps Son is working with me!!!
I hope this coming weekend to sort things out and start regular blogging again. Do you by any chance have a preference in the way I should take the photos? If yes I would love to here your opinion.


  1. Good luck with this new way of doing things! I'll be following along.

  2. Hi Angie, hello again ;)
    Infront of the mirror is cool. It works. You look amazing in stripes.
    Have a great weekend, Tina