Saturday, 27 February 2016

Keep trying

There comes a time in life when simple is the goal.

                                    Me and my camera and the bedroom            mirror are enough

       I can even be creative ( baby steps)

                                      So much to think about.....

Me slimmer -3 kilos less in 3 weeks-, I feel better but eating is less fun

                                                               Shoes creative!

Outfit Details/ Seven Ocean Sweater ( thrifted)/ H&M light blue t shirt/ Calzedonia push up leggings/ Bershka shoes/ necklace and bracelet hand made by me


  1. Keeping things simple is good! We can still see what you want us to see, and you are less stressed!....and no blogger should be stressed!

  2. Oh yes it works. You got it simple and cool :)
    I love calzedonia push up leggings.
    keep in touch, Tina