Monday, 23 March 2015

Round up for week 16-22 March 2015

I chose to start the week with a floral patter introduced by the thrifted blouse and the floral scarf. But because one pattern is not enough for me there is also animal print and geometric print on the skirt.

 This is my nail art for this week! 100% diy and web inspired. Yet another way to uplift my outfits!

         I love how my bracelet, by chance of course, echoes the colors on my niece's outfit!

This outfit is based on my newly thrifted military jacket. I've been looking for a jacket like this and I finally found it, the perfect fit, too. And because it was a cold day, I put my thrifted woolen vest on.

                      I'm so in love with this style of jewellery lately, totally 70s inspired look.

Yet another newly thrifted item to style! The floral cardi, it was lying there waiting to be brought to my house, hah ha joking! It is also perfect fit and fotographs greatly. I think it's highly versatile, too.

 The shirt is also thrifted and the skirt is real leather from the 80s given to me by mum. The fleece jacket is from a Lidl line called Esmara.

I had been waiting for this military jacket for so long that I wanted to wear it again this week. This time with a floral wrap dress to give a more feminine twist!

   Ooops! Yet again the same jacket this time with one of my favorite dresses and my denim shirt! Animal print is essential, too.

For a Sunday morning out in the town I wore my also newly thrifted denim dress by H&M. I had been looking for a flattering one and I was lucky to find it. It fits like glove. i'm sure I will be remixing it and maybe add a little something to lenghten it.

I almost forgot to mention my navy blue cardigan also thrifted recently which is so soft as it's 25% cashmere wool. It's 100% what I  want from a cardigan and it only cost me 2 euro.

                              Primark earrings and a reminder to have my hair dyed this week!

Have you noticed the dots on my nails? An easy way to give some rest to my nails from constant polishing and yet have something decorative on them!

                         Happy week for everyone! If you want to get a glimps to my style evolution and perhaps get some more ideas for outfits to inspire you to recreate please visit my Flickr page!!!

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  1. So many great looks! And what a fantastic manicure too : > Thanks for sharing these outfits with Visible Monday, xo.

  2. Fun nails ! although they can be distracting when I am typing ;)

  3. you are really the queen of mixing and matching!!!!!
    love your floral cardi, the tartan leggings and your red shoes most! but all of your outfits are fabulous!
    if you make your denim dress longer try to add the extra fabric not at the hem - just 5-10cm above.... this way it looks less "lengthen" :-)

  4. You do have eye for great patterns! And you surely love to mix and match them, with great success I have to admit. Lovely looks, interesting combinations!

  5. So much gorgeousness again, Angie! Love your newly thrifted military jacket, floral cardi, ethno vest and the green vest as well. I also am always on the look out for items that can give lots of layering possibilities - therefore, constantly growing vests and jackets collection. :) But they are my guarantee against the closet boredom. Your jewelry is great, and of course your cute manicure!

    Thank you for your kind words about my writing, it means a lot to me! More than compliments to my outfits, really. :)

    I'm sure one day we'll meet and it will be fun! xxx

  6. Your hair is growing so much! Lovely and thick too.
    I love the joy you exude in your photos, and the pleasure you have in various outfits.
    Waiting a long time for something really makes you appreciate it, doesn't it.
    Your manicures are amazing. I wouldn't have the patience or steady enough hand! xo Jazzy Jack

  7. I love all the pattern mixing, you do such a great job at that! And I love the belt over the jacket, you are giving me great ideas! :)

  8. You have such thick gorgeous hair, but when you pull it back we get to see your pretty face!! The floral cardi and leather skirt is my favourite outfit though you always look great in everything because of your creativity and your joie de vivre. xoxo

  9. Some really nice outfits! :) You've gotten a lot of wear out of that jacket, it's good to see! I always like seeing how people re-wear things differently, very inspiring :)

    The best bit for me has to be your manicure though - looks fantastic, well done!

    Away From The Blue