Monday, 30 March 2015

Round up 22-28. Just 2 outfits!!!

I remember growing up in Greece by the begining of 70s. Greece at that time was a slow paced, rather poor country where human relations were of more importance than possesion of things. Not that people didn't aspire to a better life. It was more that they didn't need many things to be happy. Of course, as I was growing up I absorbed all values of those years and deep in my heart never really believed in  the "I am what I have " bubble. I always took it for what it is, a bubble, certainly not something you can built your life on.

 Cherrising items, refashioning, sewing, exchanging and passing down things were great parts of the culture before commersialism swept everything away. I'm considering myself lucky because I had a taste of this life before it changed for good during the 80s and 90s. During the 00s the credit card culture swept the nation and everybody bought like crazy. A huge culture of life style tv shows, magazines, celebrities, advertisements, luxury goods, luxury cars totally was the norm in my small country. It all happened so fast

Me and my husband and our growing family mostly stayed out of this. We worked hard, saved and rarely used our credit cards and if we did never mindlessly. As a result, when the crisis  took over Greece we had no debts and had even a small amount saved to invest in our rent a car business.

I was inspired for these thoughts by my knitted white sweater. It's cherised, 20 years old, knitted by my mum and excellent quality cotton. Ι know I say this everytime I wear this sweater but now you know where my love of old things comes from.
I'm writting this post after I was inspired by my favorite bloggers Natalia Natalia and Beate who recently refered to their love of old or thrifted things.

On another note this outfit is based around my newly thrifted navy blue cardigan. I somehow need to stock up in browns, navy blues and greys and thrifting is a good way to do so. The white shirt is given to me by my mother and the grey jeggings are new but something I needed for so long. A basic piece that helps me create new outfits with what I have already.

                Now that i look more closely on my accessories, it's animal print everywhere but I never did this on purpose!

                                                          Have a great, creative week ahead!!!


  1. What a great post, about how your family avoided the lure of easy credit. And you were able to start a family business, too - that takes a lot of hard work. Love your heirloom white sweater and all the wonderful accessories! xox

  2. i think thats it why i´m admire you and your blog - my upbringing behind the iron curtain was in the same style as yours in greece - people and relationships were more important then "things" and passing items down and DIY was the norm. this made me resistent against all that shiny stuff that rolled over us after 1989. ok. - mostly ;-)
    thanks for mentioning my blog, my dear!!!
    your looks this week have all what i like about your style - colors, patterns, sustainability!!!!!
    hugses!! xxxxx

  3. Wonderful outfits. Love the green pants with green accents, and the sweater is a beauty! I knitted so many sweaters for myself and family and even friends in the 1980s/90s... knitting was a huge hobby of mine for many years. Love the animal prints coincidence, those are the best.

    Thank you for your kind words, my dear! I love and buy both second hand and new stuff - love the mixes, those are the most interesting and dynamic to my eye. But there is a lost sense of charm and intimacy in a lot of modern things, including fashion and interior designs, and that is sad. I hope it will be found again. xxxx

  4. That's an amazing sweater.

  5. Beautiful thoughts and beautiful looks.
    I totally agree on the handmade sustainable clothing line, but then I grew up in PNG where we made it all.
    Love the white jumper which your Mum created so lovingly. Every time you wear it she is hugging you.
    Also, the animal prints are the jazz to your second outfit which I love.
    I seem to be chasing chocolate brown at the moment :-) xo Jazzy Jack