Sunday, 8 March 2015

How to dress differently for a week

 Here is another week of trying to infuse style in my wardrobe. By remixing the following pieces I hope I can give you a bit of inspiration. I've been in a retrospective mood lately and I looked back at my blog starting ....well from the start. I was surprised at how many of my clothes/accessories  have stayed with me the last 5 years but also how many have gone. I'm also working on my Flickr page where you can browse 340 of my outfits from the last 5 years in a few pages!       

     Next winter I plan to invest in a couple of colored tights. They make old clothes to look fresh!

                               Crochet accessories like an infinity scarf are easy to make and instantly uplift an outfit!

                      I love this outfit! So happy and yellow is much a trend this spring, mind you!

 Do you like my diy nails? I used stripping tape and experimented . I found tons of inspiration on  utube and Pinterest!

         Τhe busy mama I am, I had to pick up the phone and no other moment to take my photos!

                                                                       Finally, good news!

               Sometimes, I'm also surprised that some combinations really do work, like this one!

By far my most loved outfit this week. The dress I thrifted last spring and it's from the 80's but has a retro vibe for me. I like the flared skirt of it and the pattern on the fabric and also the color! I will wear it again, soon!

Another thrifted dress makes for this outfit! I added this bit of lace to give it extra length. And like I told you I feel the colored tights transform this outfit!

                                                                    Bad hair day!
        Have a great week ahead full of creativity and I only hoped I helped with a bit of inspiration!

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  1. always a pleasure to look at your photos my dear!!!!!
    i wish i could be so cool at posing like you! bonus points for the lacey hem - almost a new dress! gorgeous jobs in pattern mixing! especially the blue look. and you know i love me some bold colored legs :-)

  2. You look gorgeous in hugging pencil skirts, Angie! Glorious pattern mixing here, lovely details, bold colors, the lace on your old beloved dress - wow, wow, wow! I'll be coming back for studying all the details, so inspiring. Lovely! Have a great week, dear friend! xxx

  3. Great details! I love the pattern mixing and the color combinations. You look fantastic. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, xo.

  4. Love all the pops of color incorporated in your looks:)


  5. I love your pattern mixing! My favourites are the blue outfit and the one with the stripes and the yellow rose. Lovely crocheted accesories! I like the shots on the phone, no need to apologise. Looks interesting!
    Also love the lace hem on the brown dress. Clever idea! Hmmm can I use that...? xo Jazzy Jack

  6. You certainly have a gift for mixing pattern! I love your blue, retro dress and jacket - it says 'spring'. I find myself drawn to the first outfit as well, although there is little pattern - so polished yet fun.

  7. The best things about your photos are your lovely, creative, personal style and your beautiful smile! I love the photos of you on the phone because it is like a glimpse into Angie's real life. You look so cute! I am going to name you Angie Everchic. xoxo

  8. Nice job. The last one is not my favorite. I'm not quite sure why, but the others are great.
    The blue tweed with the dress is particularly good, a happy surprise.
    I think the black dress with the blue accents is very attractive, and I like the striped black/white top too. I just bought a black/white top at H&M, I'll think of you when I style it.
    Bright colored tights need a little thought. I have seen bloggers do bright colored tights and I think you have to be careful adding them to an outfit because they can add an almost comic-book look, and usually that's not what you're trying to project.

  9. The blue vintage floral number is gorgeous! What a fab combination. x

  10. I think that one of the things about blogging is looking back like what you mention you are currently doing.
    Specially focusing on how your style evolves and what are the items you always go back to.. and those you'll never wear again :)