Tuesday, 24 February 2015

One week, 6 outfits

Yet another round up. It seems to be the only way I can manage my blogging time. I can even see in retrospect what I had been wearing the whole week and somehow make useful observations.

                                     Observations like hats and Burberry go good together!

The dress is thrifted and I'm still on the lookout of a good wrap dress.

                           The LBD dress I sew last winter  surrounded by purple accessories !

All those accessories photograph well!

 Monochromatic is not my cup of coffee but when a classic warm (on a cold day )sweater matches a dress so much, then it's a one way outfit!

However, belt and tights give personality to an outfit so I had to add both!

You can tell by now that I love to pose! Maybe I should check with a psycologist! Patti can you schedule an appointment for me on Visible Monday?

 I've got so many rings! I might as well wear them!

But the real protagonist of the day is my new pair of shoes! Caprice is the brand and I have to inform you that I'm very reluctant to wearing heels. However, I promised myself to really give them a try this year. I tried many heels and the most comfortable is the pair above!

Pattern and floral on a black canvas! I'm telling you a reciepee for an interesting outfit!

I had to give my nails a break! How do you go about your nails?

 This is how it goes lately. I eat some( more than I should) but I also work out at the gym. What happens is that I 'm a few extra kilos but my body is firm so it's not as bad!

What do you think of my thrifted hand sewn vintage dress? Well, it needs a bit of shortening and a bit of styling, right?

                 See, I can happily wear it and go to teach and don't look outdated, hopefully!
                                           Have an excellent week ahead. I'll post next weekend.


  1. Love that wrap dress! And your re-fashion of the thrifted dress (last one) is really terrific. xox

  2. You have so much fun with your clothes! I love the blue outfit and the black and white and especially the belt that you wear so well. They say that imitation is a high form of flattery - and I am going to copy that belt!

  3. I like sweaters with patches and heather gray tights - cozy!
    I like purple color - mysterious!
    I like tall boots - sexy!
    Modeling is only one of ways to express what's inside of you. :)
    So glad to see you joyful and playful as always! Lovely vintage dress, and fun to see corners of your home. xxx

  4. wow - my dear, you´r such a chic chick!
    by the first sight of your new shoes i thought: soooo cute and stylish!!!! and its a style made for you! great that they´r comfy too!
    really love all your looks, you did wonders on that vintage dress! but that before pic with house slippers are priceless :-D
    but where is the LBD? i see only a LBCD - little beige checkered dress ;-)
    my nails are a hopeless case - to much rough handwork in my life. and less patience for manicure....
    hugs! xxxxxx

  5. I'm glad you like to pose - you are really good at it and I can pick up some tips! Great outfits. I hardly recognized your thrifted dress after you'd styled it. I love your green cardigan worn with your purple beret. My fingernails can't breathe when I wear polish so I only rarely wear it even though I love coloured nails.

  6. Oh I adore all your outfits!!!! love them, you look amazing in everything and your poses are divine, so natural! I must learn! x x x

  7. From the cute tartan pants pose to the old housedress. I thought I was looking at your mother!
    The shoe photo won't download at the moment...grrr. Issues with our internet.
    All your shoes are heeled to me. I just thrifted a pair of boots with one inch heels and they feel sky high!
    Love all your happy poses and your rings!!! xo Jazzy Jack

  8. I like the green sweater too! I know what you mean about heels. I think I should wear them, but if they aren't comfortable I can't stand them.

  9. You always look so full of life and joy I just smile my way through your blog posts. All the outfits are great and I really love what the belt does to the monochromatic blue one. You did a great job refashioning and styling the vintage dress too! Your new heels are great and that is my preferred height and style too. Have a great weekend, Angie. xoxo

  10. I love all your outfits! The wrap dress is fabulous, and I love the contrast in colors on the second outfit ( I really need to get a gingham blouse). I love the plum color of the third outfit, and I'm amazed at what you did with that thrifted dress, great save! :)

  11. Love your outfits Angie dear. Those tartan pants are fabulous and the monochromatic look is very chic. I also love how you style the vintage thrift dress. Have a lovely week. xo