Sunday, 15 February 2015

Dress up (in a way) week

When I look at the photos of this week's round up I feel like I had been dressing up each single day. In the first day I felt like Indiana Jones and yet on the second day I was ready to hit the snowy mountains. The third day I look like I had been dressing up with my girlfriends! What do you think?
That's how I feel when I look at the photos and I feel grateful that I wake up each morning and play with my clothes and start funny and in a creative way, my day!


 I put on my good old trusted tartan shirt which always fotographs good and my white thrifted pants which have already saved many of my outfits. They look great with anything and look more impressive than black pants! on top my woolen Primark tunic already a favorite.

                            No need to tell it's the hat that gave me the Indiana Jones feeling!

 Boots, hat, scarf and winter themed leggings over thermal tights can show you how cold it was that day in Crete!

 In case you wander about the young boy behind me, he's my middle son coming back from school.
                                                               Bring the skiis, anyone?
 Like I promised, the result of the imaginary dress up with my girlfriends. Maybe a bit overdone but definitely feminine!
                                                  Pencil skirts and pumps are made for each other...

                                                I only wish I had better balance on them!
           Have a wonderful week ahead and I will try to stop by and read all your lovely blogs!!!


  1. You and me both. Can't wear heels!
    Such a change from outfit to outfit...amazing! Love the Indiana hat. Looking for one like it. xo Jazzy Jack

  2. it seems you had fun with your clothes :-)
    your indiana jones has his treasures found already! great contrast - as in your other looks too - bold and happy. i can borrow you my ski :-)

  3. Hi Angie, I love the feminine look on you and I agree that pencil skirts and pumps go hand in hand. All three outfits look gorgeous. xo

  4. Your winter looks a lot like ours so yesterday I spent quite some time looking at your old posts. Lots of good ideas for this fashion-challenged blogger! I'm away from home right now but can't wait to get back to look at my wardrobe with fresh eyes.

  5. Not overdone - beautiful! Love all three outfits, each with its own distinct character. The Indiana Jones is a great look, and the last one is so classically feminine and glamorous, such a great color combo, you should be in movies in that one!! Wonderful to see you again! :) xxx

  6. Your outfit choices are all wonderful! I love how each outfit is different, yet represents you perfectly and the last one *overdone* gasp! never! it's fabulous! x x x

  7. I liked the multiple rings and how the print mix worked with the polka dot skirt and leopard print belt.