Monday, 2 February 2015

Back in the garden

Hello my friends, I'm still so so happy with our new government. So many political happenings in the last week. And the whole planet is watching! A global game of chess!!!I hope to the benefit of all European nations.
I'm a bit behind with my outfits due to excitement but of course also to the fact that I had the flu for almost a week. I still don't feel glamorous yet! It's not perfect but this is what I wore today!

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  1. Pretty look! And best to all of you as you enter a new era of government - you deserve some good times. xox

  2. cool secretary chic!
    there is a something in the mail for you - i hope it´ll find you.

  3. I love those pink polka dots with the black and white zigzag skirt. Wonderful! Xo Jazzy Jack