Sunday, 8 February 2015

A week in clothes

How is it possible to become busier and busier as the time goes by? But actually this is what is happening in my life. I believe it's because I started going to the gym 4 times a week 1h and 20 min each time( thank god it's just around the corner from my house). 
What I do is try to be very organised with cooking, household and studying for school but then some things I love like blogging suffer. I take things week by week or better say step by step and see what I will figure next.

For this week I have a week round up to post.

 Μy new Primark dress together with my Lidl fleece jacket and favorite old black cardigan from M&S are put together with my new M&S denim trousers in a casual  city look.

Next day I tried a total black look put together with the help of my black zara pencil skirt and black Primark sweater. But this would be no outfit at all unless I used my favorite scarf . Which I did and the result was a decent ethnic outfit!

 Next day was a more matchy matchy feeling in the air so I wore my new patterned pencil skirt which was a conscious buy together with my old zara orange cardigan. I had to keep all else black for obvious reasons. People seem to like matchy matchy and I judge that from the good comments I got.

 This is my favorite outfit of the week as you can see from the amount of the photos. This Lacoste dress is a recent purchase and I bought it full price 178euro by far the most expensive item in my closet at the moment. But I hate to admit that it fits my body like glove and every time I put it on I forget about it, no pulls or unecessary adjustments. And I feel great and very shic. So I quess there is truth in investing on basic pieces. The funny thing is that I know it but I rarely do. I want to change it this year.

White photographs so greatly and so is my freshly colored hair done at the hair salon and not at home like i did in the past. Some things must be done by the proffessionals!
My new Primark dress and the gifted long cardigan by mum actually go well together and make for a boho outfit for the end of the working week.

Have a great week ahead! We here in Greece are also busy with building a new country!!! And we still love our new government and on 11th February we will be out in the streets to support them while they will discuss about our country's future with the other European countries in Eurogroup.


  1. Wonderful outfits, and I see a new spring in your step with the new government! Best to you, xo.

  2. You look great! I love the blue dress and the gold sweater. I think those go together nicely.
    Be careful on the 11th. It's easy for demonstrations to turn ugly and I wouldn't want you to get hurt if the crowd gets out of hand - leave your fancy camera at home that day!

  3. I too like the yellow and purple, followed by the white. Although they all look great.
    So nice to hear some country with some sense, living here in crazy Australia! xo Jazzy Jack

  4. the lacoste dress outfit is my fav too!!!!!
    not only for the dress which good quality is visible even in the photos - but that bright yellow sweater suits you so well and the bag, belt and bracelet pick this up without being matchy-matchy!!!!!!!
    i wish from the deep of my heart that greece will succeed with the new government!!!! for you my friend and for all of us!
    hugses! XXXXXXX

  5. I think you look amazing in all of the outfits, so chic and gorgeous and creative. You always look lovely but I think there is a new -government- glow that I am seeing. xoxoxo

  6. So happy to have found your blog. Real-life fashion for a real life. Lists if inspiration for me here. Some days I am at a loss - working full time, I find it a challenge to stay current. I get I to a rut. Thanks for the boost. I love the Lacoste dress and cardigan and the pencil skirt, pullover and scarf.