Thursday, 11 June 2015

How I got my life sorted and dressed accordingly. My closet my life style guru. Part Two



Have you ever noticed that life goes in circles and patterns repeat themselves?

The younger I was the less aware I was of that.

In my mid life years, noticing patterns has been a great tool for understanding the way my life unfolds.

On my 46th birthday, I  stood once more ( you can read all about first time, here)in front of my closet with a strong suspicion that the clothes hanging there didn't dress the person I was becoming.

This time, I paid close attention to my suspicions, thus, made time to sit down, pen, paper and a glass of wine ( I had made myself), to get to know who I was becoming.


For the last 10 years I had been raising my 3 beautiful children ( with the help of my husband Dimitris), primary school, after school activities and all, housework ( thank you Flylady).
I also worked in a public primary school as a full time English language teacher. And the last 4 years I also worked in our family RentalCar business.

On top of that , in the middle of those 10 years,crisis hit Greece hard and it's not easy to watch your country being abused and the society around you collapse. My family was also hugely affected by this crisis.
For 10 years, I had been working hard, had good time and I felt totally blessed. But I was getting tired and felt empty more often than not.

 Fortunately , like I said already, I could spot my deep disatisfaction early on this time. And it was by looking at my closet that it hit me big again.

I had to slow down and simplify my life this time. I had to set my priorities right , move on and build me  a new stage in life and a new wardrobe to go with it.


I knew I had to search the web again to find information /inspiration.

It seems I asked all the right questions because I got all the right answers in the form of KonMarie method of tidying and the Desire Map concept by Danielle Laporte  .

Yes, you guessed right. I got rid of lots of stuff (you can read all about it here).

 The time for extreme experiments with my style was over. I spent quite a lot of time and energy and money to create everyday outfits. I had outgrown the process.

My urge now was to write more about what's going on in my life and take up all kinds of challenges . 
I'm currently working on a dress project I will reveal when it's ready, planning to take Project 333 for the next 3 months and document and lots more. Ideas keep flowing.

Danielle Laport and the desire map taught me a valuable lesson that I was so ready for.

I don't need permission from anyone to do the things that make me feel good. Actually how I want to feel everyday is the map to how I will plan my life.
I came to the conclusion that I want to feel simple, light and clear about things.
I want to feel creative, inspired, passionate and accountable.
And finally, I want to feel fit, healthy, balanced and beautiful

Now that I sort of know my direction I plan to have the next 10 years full of all kinds of activities I trully want and  I will commit to make them happen.

The thrifting, colorful ever changing and expanding closet is not for me anymore. 
I'm transitioning to less color (going back to black pieces), simple lines and less pieces carefully selected.
I exercise a lot more doing yoga, pilates and zumba. In autumn I will visit a nutritionist to help me with a healthy diet and to lose the few extra kilos.
I'm taking the right steps for quiting my teaching career but it will take me  a couple of years ( insurance, pension plan).
I'm still helping on the family business but in a more focused, less stressful way.
I 'm there for my children ,all in their teens now, but not constantly interfering with their lives.
And last but not least I work more seriously on my blog ( like  I said ideas keep flowing) and I love how my creative outlet is evolving.

Although I don't dare to present myself as someone who has the right to give advice, I very well know the process I went through and I can only give a few tips that worked for me in the hopes I will inspire you.
Look at the contents of your closet carefully. If you feel really dissatisfied with what you own chances are you are soo ready for a change.
Take a break for a couple of hours and sit down to write how you want to feel everyday . Write it all down silly,little stuff whatever comes to your head. Then try to make a few categories or pick a few that stand out to you.
You have a very rough but great starting point to start mapping your future.
Do what it takes to keep on feeling the way you want, everyday. ( Purge, simplify,create, exercise, communicate with loved ones usually works)
I know I did and it worked .Don't just want in the back of your head. Work to create the things you want.
As Danielle puts it "You need to go after what
you want in a way that feels good!!!                    

Please share with me how you want to feel everyday?
Does your closet represent this?   


  1. angie my dear! would you have believed me if i had said this to you at the time we "meet" first??? but of cause you had to made this experience by yourself :-) i´m so glad that you find your way for a happy life - especially in this economical hard times!!!!
    you made the wine?! amazing!
    hugses!!! xxxxxx

    1. Next time just give me a hint,please. But you are right,it's a trip you have to do yourself. Yes, and I was so surprised that it is delicious and of the most clear red color.

  2. A great story of your life experience at this time of life. A great approach to the crisis in your country and the crisis that we all go to mature. It is wonderful to know a person with so many projects, so excited to live your life much better. I also have the book kondo marie. It's clear that in life you just have to stay with what makes you happy, and those thoughts and solidarity activities that help others to be happy. Congratulations for your reflection, I like.

    1. Thank you josep-maria, it's hopeful that if many people think about simplicity and solidarity the world can be a much better place. It's a work in progress but crisis helped many people to go one step more so the world become a better place.

  3. thank you for this thoughtful and inspiring post! I think cleaning out the closet is a good avenue for a fresh start in other aspects of life. xox

    1. Isn't it great? when you don't know where to start from start from your closet!!!!

  4. Very inspirational! I know that I need to clear my closet but somehow I always can't find time for it. Or maybe deep inside I am not quite ready. Will see. Cute photograph, by the way!

    1. Don't approach it as clearing your closet but rather rediscover what's in there and if it still speaks to you. Then keep only the stuff that speaks to you. Thank you, I try to experiment with my photos a bit!

  5. Wow Angie,great read. I need to think seriously about your tips and apply some of them to my closet. xo

    1. Thank you Elsie.You will not be disappointed , closets speak the truth!!!!

  6. Thank you so much for this thoughtful input! I'm searching around the internet for "stories" how to get to yourself and to be more focused. So far I read everywhere to get rid off things that keep you up/down and do carefully pick those you really need and enjoy.
    I think to become more focused on what's really important in our lives (and also in our society) and to live a good life with less stuff is the key to a happy and meaningful life.