Sunday, 14 June 2015

Style Aura

Do  you  watch how other women dress and/or carry themselves around? 

I personally don't have a driving licence so I do a lot of walking which allows me for deep thinking and constant observing.

I don't so much observe for trends or style mistakes anymore but rather for the aura every woman gives out. 

There is a certain kind of women that seem very self sufficient, confident and very put together and they always grab my attention. 
For the few brief moments our paths cross I try to comprehend what makes them so appealling.
Self education project, you can call it, and these are the observations so far.

These women carry themselves in a proud way but not like snobs.
They walk like they have direction and things to accomplish, like they are part of a bigger plan so their walk is lively and enthousiastic but not stressed or like they hurry because they are late.

They are well groomed even if no make up is applied. Hair style, brows, nails ,skin all is well taken care of.

Notice that only now will I talk about clothes.
They don't always wear trendy clothes or are young and thin. They can be any size or shape and any style, age or economic status.

But their clothes fit and seem to be of good quality , good design and clean. What is commonly said is also true, they seem to wear their clothes and not the clothes wear them.

Their clothes have one or more little details that the wondering eye can focus on and be pleasantly surprised.

And one more thing, they know what colors work well together and with the color of their skin/hair.
They seem to have all these things sorted and their look is effortless.

The percentage of these women is not a high one. They are few but then not so few so that I rarely see them.
I call them authentic because it takes a great deal of self knowledge and self acceptance to carry yourself around like that.

It also takes time to organise everything in your life and manage your time to be able to be presentable every day!
Recently, I keep on wondering about one thing and I need your perspective.
Is authenticity in looks a sign of  being authentic in character, too?

       Some days sporty and some ladylike in style but I always try to stay true to my mood of the day!

PS: Look at the comments form. There are some interesting questions and opinions that you can get involved.


  1. Two looks very nice, I really like both skirts, especially the first. Although I love the second look is very elegant and balanced.

  2. Thank you Josep-Maria. The first skirt makes for excellent styling but the combination today is not the best I could come up with.You are right. I like the second look more, the black leather skirt is always a winner.

  3. I like to observe other women, too. And I quite understand what you are talking about in this post. I don't know what it is - style aura, or confidence aura, or happiness and self-satisfaction aura, or maybe a mixture of all those - but you always recognize such women. And it's not about what they wear - put same clothes on someone else and there will be no same effect, so it is more about their personality.
    Nice looks, both comfy and feminine. Love the necklace on the second outfit.

    1. That's why same clothes look different on each person. But what about those who have style- lots of pop stars- but their life is a mess. Or they are authentic nevertheless?

  4. I have to agree with Josep-Maria. I love the second outfit better but both outfits are beautiful on you. I do watch other women and your observations are so true. I also want to believe that a person's character shows in the way the hold themselves and how they dress but then again they say you can't judge a book by its cover. Have a lovely week Angie and looking forward to your next post. xo

    1. For sure being stylish doesn't mean you are interesting as a person, but being authentic? what's the difference from being stylish? And if you are authentic you must be interesting! What do you think?

  5. without being authentic in character a authentic dressing will stay only a pose. casually onlookers will not see it - but you and me surely discover the fake :-)
    hugs! xxxxx

    1. Thank you for thinking too highly of me but I usually can tell fakes. You mean one can fake authenticity! How confusing! Let me think about it.

    2. "can" fake is not the right word (because we will discover ist) - they want and try - for different reasons. mostly not good for us reasons.....

  6. I like the second outfit better. In the first one there is too much pattern including the texture pattern of the cardigan and the flowers on the handbag.

    I love your blog, I'm visiting from Recovering Shopaholic's blog where I noticed you comment.

    1. Yes, You are right. It's one of those outfits that start ok but then I add more because I still own a lot and I want to use what i have so I overload an outfit. Thanks for visiting and dare to make your own blog. It's so much fun. Let me know!

  7. Your second look is my favourite of the two, its really nicely put together - looks like a magazine editorial :)
    I too do a lot of "people watching" ….

    1. Thank you. I love editorials although sometimes I can't connect with the clothes they present.

  8. Hi Angie, I thought I had commented on this one but somehow I either didn't or it got eaten. As someone who is always clean and neat but not necessarily polished, I consider my personal style to be very authentic and to say quite a bit about who I am and yet how can I really know how others interpret it? How can we tell the difference between caring enough or caring too much about appearance? Can we really know if a stranger is conforming or being true to herself in her style of dress? I think there are only so many things someone's appearance can tell us, especially if we are only seeing them one time and in one situation. What is authentic for me in one situation might be quite different from another situation. And should people dress to express who they are or who they want to be? So many questions! It's human nature to make judgements based on what we see but I think we must be prepared to be wrong. I go more by how a person behaves than what is actually worn.

    Interesting question! Thanks for asking it. I think you look cute on both your outfits and obviously they suit different situations. xo

  9. Hello Sawna
    My only quess is that you have commented on a similar topic some few posts ago. I totally enjoyed your thoughts and totally can see the point because I have the same worries,too. How much can I invest on a person's appearance to tell me what is their personality and if it's authentic. What I'm doing is that I get all kinds of information from appearance but also body language ( many times I overhear conversations in the bus, too and try to combine the looks with what I hear)and then the more things that point to an authentic charecter the pore possible it is they are. The more indications I have the more possible it is. I quess that was I wanted to point out and with your questions you help me do it. Of course I can be totally wrong and can be completely fooled by someones appearance. But the older I get and more experienced I become the chances become fewer to be completely fooled. I have one question though doesn't style and behaviour stem from the same place? What is your opinion?