Saturday, 20 June 2015

My capsule wardrobe - Project 333

I'm finally taking the plunge. What you see above ( plus a black and a white tank top) is what I will be wearing for the next 3 months. 

Much more than many people around the world have and much less than I used to have.

You might be wondering why I do this. It's easy for me to answer. 
It's because I want to simplify my life.
 I still want to be well dressed and stylish but I want fewer  and better coordinated options.
 Plus I want less and better organised stuff in my closet.

What do I hope to achieve? The time I would normally spend around considering what to wear/shop I plan to invest in.....what? 
That's my goal. 
To be able to have a better idea of how I want to invest my free time by limiting the distruction from my clothes and the craving.

Let's take a look at my pieces

Black long sleevless dress Pink Woman    Stripped long sleevless dress Stradivarius 
Black A line dress Ioanna Kourbela

Upon looking, I should  have skipped buying the long black one!

Black lace waistcoat thrifted    Black loose cardigan/white strip    Short lace dress   both Pink Woman 

 My long dresses are very body conscious and I need sometimes a cover. Some other times I need to add an interesting layer.

I also have a black tank top which is not listed here and that's all. It can get so warm in Crete during summer so sleeveless tops are a must.
 All basic colors to act as a canvas for my accessories ( I will dedicate my next post to those).

I chose carefully my two bottom pieces. 
The black culotte is one of those pieces that I don't mind wearing everyday. 
It moves with me and makes me feel special. You will have the chance to see it when I will take outfit photos.
The long skirt is a vintage piece sewn from my godmother back in the 70s.
I'm getting pretty organised here and believe me I scare myself. Wishes for a great weekend!


  1. gorgeous collection!
    the clothes look easy to wear, casual elegant and timeless! and your accessoires ad a lot of personal style!
    i´m curios what you will make with your new won free time!!! volunteer in local politics???

    1. Lol! You think I should? I still feel somehow quilty for spending time on my style!

  2. It will be interesting to see how you like this. I don't see much color and in the past you have been someone who loves color and pattern!
    Are you taking this to your summer island job?

    1. I will have a different involvement this year. Filling the gaps, so I won't spend much time in the office. I will be dressed with what I picked already and yes, I wonder about color,too. But it's a challenge and I have to ....challenge myself. It makes mixing a lot easier and getting dresed so much simpler. It means a lot that you will be watching!

  3. I'll be keeping an eye out for your combinations and ideas! Sounds like a cool experiment!
    Dawn Lucy

    1. You are absolutely welcome to keep an eye on my project. I suspect I might need a bit of encouragement !

  4. I like your choices and I can't wait to see the outfits you put together from them.

    1. Thank you Grammy Goodwill. I will need your support when I am out of inspiration at somepoint!. Why have you stopped posting?

  5. Well, I am trying to downsize and better organise the close too. However I keep on buying ;(
    So, I am half way there. Or so I'd like to think,
    Welcome back.