Thursday, 5 November 2015

Boho dream

Today's outfit was built around my newly thrifted tunic dress in a boho style which is brand new, good thick quality cotton and cost mejust 50cents! A dream for a fashion blogger! The dress/tunic is super casual and I went along with it wearing my super casual thrifted jacket and jeggings! It was a bit cooler in the morning so I added the neck warmer I crocheted myself. I even fotographed myself  today the exact way I go out the door. Holding my velvet large bag full of school supplies, drawings, lesson plans, coffee drink, sandwich,and my big year planner.


                     Getting ready for the weekend and my planned shopping/thrifting trip tomorrow!


  1. that tunic has a fabulous design!! so special and so versatile in once! even for 5€ it would be a score!!!
    i think i need some dark blue jeggings....

    1. They are so practical! And they shape my body in great ways!!!

  2. i like this style, the boots are really cool.
    Greetings, Ela

  3. Great score on the dress! Lvoe the jacket too. xo


  4. The dress looks so pretty and it is unimaginable that you found it for such price! Nice work with layering, cool jacket!