Wednesday, 18 November 2015

How to wear the same pants 2 days or more in a row

Finally, I sorted things out (with camera)!!! That's what women always do! Ha-ha! So, I will post 2 days worth of outfits. It's the same pants but different tops and shoes.

 It's obvious that the outfits are very similar in construction. It's a shirt+ scarf+a kind of cardigan+ pants. It's the combo I mostly use lately.

It's a mix of Zara( pants, scarves) and thrifted items.


  1. Wow, Greetje, it seems that all the looks you like! Happens to me the same thing, so I have selected. L O L. Regards.

  2. Great mixing! I like this idea of shirt and scarf and favorite trousers. xo


  3. Two great outfits, Angie! I love the colours and those pants look stylish and very comfortable. I love the slip on shoes too and am envious as I cannot wear slip on shoes. This is how I dress now too, though it is also mostly how I dressed twenty years ago too. If I am not actually leaving home I might even wear the same outfit two days in a row. Today I am wearing exactly what I wore yesterday. :-) My cat does not complain about it at all! xoxoxo

  4. love your play with colors!!!
    and do you know what - i wear one skirt (only wear pants for "sports") 4-5 times in a row. with different tops and jackets and accessories i create very different looks - or not. sometimes i like something like a uniform....