Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Automn blues

Today is the last day of summer. No matter how much I like for the weather to cool down a bit , I still love summer the most of all seasons. hence the blue in my outfit today. I went window sopping today after a period of 3 months and I was badly surprised at how much cheap the quality of the clothes has become.


  1. Hi Angie! i just followed you over here from your comment on Already Pretty - what a nice surprise! i've been looking through your blog and enjoying how you take a few simple pieces and pull them together for such great, easy looks. it's a lot of inspiration for me - how to look creative, pulled together, and ready for anything the day has to offer!

    thank you and keep on blogging! steph / tiny junco

  2. Thanks for your kind words and the time you took to leave a comment.I'm experimenting with sewing and some of the stuff you make look so cool and difficult!!!I like the romantic delicate atmosphere your outfits carry.By the way ,do you know http://magnoliapearlblog.blogspot.com
    I love this stuff although I can't pull this look.What do you think?