Friday, 17 September 2010

black is beautiful.

In my opinion it's the necklace that makes this outfit.It's black (very versatile )and more important it's the right length. It loops nicely 3 times around my neck and gives a nice effect. Plus it was cheap so I could afford to buy in 3 colours.
I seem to explore all the possibilities around my 2 new skirts lately.It's still very hot in Greece in September and there is no sign of it to cool down.I'm a bit tired of summer outfits and I long for cardis and scarves. (oops nice title for a blog).


  1. Thanks for your kind comment!!!It was a pleasant surprise!!!I have your blog on my top 10 favorites and I like your simplicity as well as your modesty.I also wish you a happy start with your new life in your new city.