Monday, 20 September 2010

Fall back

Fall back as in I want the Fall back. It's been hot and dry since May and we all crave for the rain to come. I only lasted half an hour in my cardi then it became too hot.
It's the beginning of a busy week with full time work at school,plus after school activities for the kids and later in the evening all the housework and cooking that needs to be done.
Husband works long hours and comes back late and tired. What helps me survive? I try to have things as organized as possible , I don't procrastinate and I take one day at the time.
As for dressing, it surely helps to look good and it's a creative outlet. On Sunday I did a long list of outfits to wear the coming days.
After all I have promised to wear what I have and not buy new often and pay very little when I do.
I love the necklace.
By the way how do you manage the everyday mad house?

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