Monday, 13 December 2010

Color and layers Outfit #22# and #23#

Thanks for all your sweet comments and encouragement for my move! I  can post a few outfits  because it is still the calm before the storm period!
It got suddenly very cold in Greece.In one day we got a temperature drop up to 20 degrees in some parts of the country.
On my second outfit I outdid myself. Just count the layers...turtlrneck+dress+silk blouse+cardigan=comfort(to my surprise) and wormth.
About my first outfit I hope you get a good glimpse of the pattern of the skirt! It's unusual and very 70s!!!
That's all for now. I better go back packing!!!


  1. These pink tones are so pretty on you! I also really like the studded belt. Good luck with the move!! ~Serene

  2. I lkove both these outfits.
    You have great colour mixing skills!

  3. I love both these outfits! you have great colour mixing skills!

  4. Imagine the peace AFTER the move...

  5. Great outfits!!! They look similar but still very different :)

  6. I love that green sweater with the pink underneath. What a pretty color combination!