Sunday, 12 December 2010

On the move

For reasons not of this post  to explain I have to make a move of 5 people in 4 days out of the house we lived in for 12years.All I have to say is that we do this for the better, so no worries!!!
My posts will be infrequent and the challenge will be delayed.Wish me luck cause I don't know where to start packing!!!
On with the challenge now. What I can say for these 8 outfits is that I finally have one official pose that I sport in 6 out of the 8 outfits!
My one and only pair of pants was torn in all the wrong places so I must go on with skirts and dresses only.
My last observation is that I totally love scarves or else I wouldn't wear one every day!!!


  1. You're the QUEEN of belts and scarves! I love belts because it's so great to define a waist. You look so pretty in all your pictures....good luck with your move. Twelve years of stuff!!! WOW! If I were there, I'd offer to help. LOL Goodness knows I've moved a TON in my life! Can't wait till you can get back! ~Serene

  2. Angie--best of luck with this sudden move. I imagine that this will disrupt your closet and your life for some time to come. I'll still be here when you can return.

  3. great Miss Angie

  4. Love all the accessories! Good luck with the move!