Thursday, 2 December 2010

Crazy weather... Outfit #16 #

It has been extremely hot in Greece  the last 2 weeks and it feels like late spring. Even the flowers are blooming fooled by the warm weather!
Dressed like this today was ...overdressed! Well I 'm about to reveal my new layering technique that got me lots of compliments today. I wore my cardigan under the dress (the sleeves popping out )and my scarf over the dress kept in place by my trusted belt! The rest I kept black.
I will have to run now to feed my family!!!First things first!


  1. I wore a scarf in this same way several weeks ago. While I hated my outfit, I really liked the's like designing your own shirt. BEAUTIFUL!

  2. Great layering! I love the studded belt with the printed fun!!

    Make sure you enter my handmade belt giveaway!

  3. Very clever layering indeed!
    P.S.: Will we ever get to see your elusive face?

  4. You are a complete and utter GENIUS for layering your cardigan underneath like that. I have several that I could layer that way and it just never even occurred to me! Thank you!

    I love how you styled the scarf too...although I can't quite figure out how to wrap it so that it sits that nicely!

  5. Very nicely done - i esp. like how you tucked the ends of the scarf in, it almost looks like a panel of the dress (does that make sense?).

    and it's a good thing you live so far away, otherwise i'd be trying to burglarize your wide belts ; )

  6. Angie--it sounds like the remixers all over the planet are having a variety of weather challenges. I kept intended to try a look like this in the challenge, but have yet to do it. Fantastic belt.

  7. test

    Angie--all of the remixers have quite a variety of weather challenges we are dealing with.

    I like this scarf trick, although I have yet to try it during the challenge. Great belt.

  8. Cool layers! I love your belt too :)

  9. LOVE how you styled the scarf!! And the belt is awesome! The whole look is beautiful. :)

  10. I wish we had that kind of weather in belgium! its freezing over her! I would fly over there if i could!
    You look stunning by the way! I love what you did with your scarf! And your belt is gorgeous!!
    I love your blog because its such a great read & you style is fantastic!! Im happy i ran into it!
    Im gonna follow you from now on!
    hope you visit & follow me back!
    that would be amazing:)

    love from belgium.

  11. Yay for layering! Although with Greek weather, you could probably avoid to! Love the scarf & belt combination.