Sunday, 18 January 2015

70s Sunday morning

No blogger that respects herself goes without owning a hat like the one I'm wearing today. And what better way to style it than a 70s inspired look with a  skirt that was actually made in the 70s by my godmother. Hand sewn and made out of real velvet was in my closet for a year now. I think of shortening so I'm able to wear it more. What do you think?

                 Hat Primark skirt hand sewn velvet top wool and thrifted boots bata bag Aigner

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  1. beautiful skirt! very nice look! :)

  2. yes, that skirt is fab - shorten it a few inches and wear it all the time! xox

  3. Lovely hat and lovely skirt, very special because it was made by a dear to you person. To shorten it... hmmm... that's a tough one for me to decide - on the one hand, it was made this way by your godmother, and such a beautiful fabric too (you don't want it to go to waste). On the other hand, you are the one who will wear it, and you know better what silhouette would get more use. I'll be interested to see what you decide to do.

    ps Thank you for your heartfelt comment to my post, I am very touched! xxx

  4. Oooh so chic, Angie! I love this outfit! It looks so great on you with your dark hair. I guess I will have to learn to respect myself some more and get a wide brimmed hat! xo

  5. you look absolutely fabulous!!!!!!
    fantastic styling for that beautiful skirt! the hat suits you so good!
    i would´t cut the skirt shorter, she lives from that richness that is the velvet, the jewel tones AND the quantity of material. and i believe that longer skirts let a person look longer and leaner.
    (btw. - i´m 1,70m)

  6. You look so fabulous Angie. I should try and get one of those hats lol. Love the whole outfit. xo

  7. What a lovely skirt and it looks so good on you. If shortening it means you will wear it more, then I would go for that.

  8. Ha, I'm a self-respecting blogger who doesn't own a hat like that - shame on me! I adore the skirt, what a great piece - I think I'd leave it is it is, but it's entirely up to you. xxx