Thursday, 15 January 2015

New favorite dress

After a couple of rainy days it was bright, clear and warm again. The perfect weather for my new floral dress. It's got it all acrilic material, it's fast fashion (Primark), it's short... but the fit is great, the pattern so lovely and the colors just how I like them. Well, there's no way to tell where you will find your next favorite piece, is it?

 dress Primark     fleece cardigan Lidl  earrings&necklacePrimark

                                                I love how the colors all work together.

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  1. so pretty! I love a floral dress in the cool weather. xo

  2. That's a beautiful necklace. It goes very well with the dress.

  3. Ooh your jacket matches your dress so perfectly. You look all fresh and happy! xo JJ

  4. you look very pretty! love the colors too!
    primark and lidl never looked better :-)
    i find it hard to resist such dresses sometimes too - but luckily they don´t fit me in most cases anyway.
    hugses! <3