Friday, 9 January 2015

My blue thick cardigan

Many wishes for a Happy, Healthy and Creative 2015 to all of you my friends all over the world! I have a couple of New Year Resolutions this time. Not anything fancy , just the usual like exercise in my local gym and eat less. If I manage those two I will be a lot fitter by the end of the year. This year will be the follow up of my quit smoking which happened last year. 
I also want to post more regularely now that I fancy my camera. 

This black little dress stays with me since the beggining of this blog. I have worn the very same combination back in 2010 but with a more classic twist and not as much of my personality shown through it.

 But today I wore my jacket buttoned and  no accessories. I just added my thick cardigan over it to give me extra warmth. I so love it when I get to play with clothes I have for so long but still create new looks.

The proof that style really evolves (since 2010)!!!


  1. happy new year my dear friend!
    yes - the new styling is much cooler and creative. genius to wear a oversized cardi over a tiny jacket! the whole look is trés chic - bravo!!!
    good resolution to get fitter - please let me add that not (only) eating less makes for it - it is WHAT we eat. i.e. processed food versus fresh, homecooked.......
    thanx for your comment, yes, red is so me :-)
    did miss you! xxxxxx

  2. Quitting smoking is *huge* and great for your health! Love this classic look, those blues area great on you. xox

  3. Happy 2015! :) I too like the look of the jacket with the cardigan over it, and sometimes the absence of accessories makes its own statement... like the absence of punctuation in writing can make the statement stronger when used purposefully. I really like the quality and the spirit of your photography lately, and am so happy to learn that more blogging is one of your resolutions for new year. :) xxx