Monday, 19 January 2015

Green, pink and remix

If you follow this blog for sometime, you know how much I love remixing. Today's outfit is a proof. Except from the black sweater all the rest I have for quite sometime and worn plenty. But sometimes,  it takes some spending to keep on remixing. What I mean is that today I bought 3(yes,3...sales time) skirts exactly the kind that suits me and which I had on my list for sometime now. By spending a little bit I am now able to wear a lot of my shirts/sweaters/cardis that collected dust in my closet. You see like most I have more tops than bottoms and after my recent closet organise I spotted the problem and took action. I only wish I could be that organised in other departments of my life but I have to start from somewhere!!!

 shirt &pants thrifted  sweater primark accessories Stradivarious bag achileas accessories

                                       What not to like??? The new sweetness in our family!!!

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  1. there is spring in the air when i see your outfit!
    clever to buy what you suit in bulks at sales times. is´t cool to know which clothes are flattering and working with our life? i developed a couple of life-proofed sewing patterns - skirts/blouses/dresses and a pants pattern that get used over and over - with little detail changes. fashion is not that new every season like the industry claims...... and in the end - style is not fashion ;-)
    i had an eye on this kind of quilted sweaters too lately. but i´m not sure if they work with my 110cm measurement......ahem.
    hugses! xxxx

  2. I have more tops than bottoms too but as you say I think that is normal. Still, having gotten rid of my black clothes I found it was mainly skirts I was losing and needed to replenish that. I am choosing carefully and slowly. You look so fresh in this outfit and I love the green pants. I don't have much luck getting coloured pants or jeans but I am still trying. Pink and green is one of my favourite combinations and that pink of your blouse is a really pretty shade. xoxo

  3. WOW, you make me want to own a pair of green jeans. Nice :)

  4. I love it when new pieces bring life to the wardrobe! and I absolutely adore your outfit, everything! you look wonderful! pink and green are one of my favourite combinations and a bit of snakeskin too! how sweet is the photo of your little one and the kitty! a very pretty new addition x x x