Friday, 14 November 2014

3days recap

Internet connection failed our household the last few days and God was it well missed. Not nice to admit my addiction but there was a huge gap in how I spend my free time!
So, I hope you will forgive the photo bombing that will follow!

I tried to use my thrifted top as a spice to the black and white outfit. The necklace seemed as the best addition to the top.

 I swear over my white shirt! I have made so many outfits using it. Actually using a lot of unworn pieces around it. I;m on the mission of a black one. If you have one you don't want I politetly ask to have it.
The blue cobalt crochet flower is a gift by a colleque!

I did my best to play the brown tones in my outfit. All clothing is thrifted or gifted and I'm glad I get a nice result!
Have a nice weekend!
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  1. nice, very nice :)

  2. love the beret! and all the lovely looks. xo

  3. ahh! 20´s boho, 70´s cool girl, and a modern take at the animal print theme! well done and trés chic!
    my fav are the 20´s boho ensemble - you look like you live in paris montmartre :-)