Sunday, 9 November 2014

Wrap dress

I had been waiting for the whole summer to wear this wrap dress I thrifted back in spring. But wearing a simple wrap dress is not enough for me. It seems that I need to add layers, color and texture. Is this right or wrong? But who cares?

                    *wrap dress thrifted * vest thrifted woolen and soft * fleece jacket Lidl*

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  1. Cool print mixing. The cardy picks up the colours nicely. And of course your signature ring!
    How frustrating to thrift something in the wrong season and have to wait to wear it. But delayed gratification really makes you appreciate it I've found! I thrifted about five jackets during summer. Oh the agony! :-) xo JJ

  2. I like the dress and the striped sweater. I like the color of the fleece jacket but I think that two bulky layers -the striped sweater and the fleece- might be overpowering the dress underneath.

    I think an outer layer that had a fabric with a flat texture might be my choice. My climate is very wet so I have a lot more coat-weight things in my wardrobe.

  3. Thank you for all your comments. Your blog i can't find so I will comment back here. I get so caught up in layering that I overdo it sometimes!