Friday, 7 November 2014

Refresh the sweater

I had to wear my 28 years old sweater. Yeah! another piece of clothing I have for ever and this because my mum saved and kept in good condition before she gave it back to me a year ago. Of course now I style it differently and it feels modern. I remember I didn't like it so much back then. Knitted sweater??? Blah!!! It seems that now I can appreciate it much more!

 It's not shown clearly in the photos but it's soft cotton ,cream color and has braids in the pattern. The white shirt I added to make it longer and because I like how the button up shows under the front opening of the sweater. My trusted, new denim pants, modern shoes and the Raybans complete the look.

Talking about old things and memories, look what I found  hanging on a remote wall in the new school I go to this year. It's the poster of the 4 seasons complete with drawings of things we do, eat and celebrate each season. What is so great about the poster apart from being a total vintage sweetie is that the same poster was on the wall of my classroom when I was in the first 3 classes of primary school.

Talking about nostalgia overdose today!!!
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  1. I really appreciate your vintage sweater, made up to date! You look great and so happy. xox

  2. i´m moved by the poster story - touching!
    and your mother deserve a medal for keeping that sweater. so fashion forward at the moment without hitting the mall! xxxxx

  3. This outfit is just darling, Angie, and as always you are just radiating joy. That is my favourite thing about you, how much life and joy you show in your smile and your body language. I am very impressed that you have a sweater 28 years old! It looks beautiful. I love your bag and bracelet too!