Monday, 10 November 2014

A white shirt, finally

I've got 16 shirts and maybe a couple of more and I enjoy wearing them. There is no logical explenation why I only recently bought a simple white one . How is that possible? I had a range of colors and patterns and I missed the most basic white one? I don't have a black shirt either. How about that?
Since I got my white shirt I was able to make a couple of outfits around it. To my mind the white shirt is like glue. Yes, glue because you can stick together different pieces of clothing that otherwise don't go together and have a nice result,too.

*Pants thrifted *shirt Stradivarious * black sweater M&S *shoes Berska * necklace Stradivarious

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  1. Terrific! You take the white shirt to new places and you look great.