Monday, 3 November 2014

Vintage blouse

I was delighted to finally wear the blue cobalt blouse my mum gave me last Christmas. It's sewn by my aunt who was a skilled professional seamstress. The blouse is many years old but made of great fabric, I don't know the name of it. I fell like wearing a piece of family history.

                                  *Blouse vintage old and hand sewn * cardigan and skirt Zara*

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  1. did i told you that i love the combination of browns and blues? its like earth and sky - desert style. the great wide open....
    to have such a family piece in form of a blouse is just gorgeous. i still wear two 50´s cardigans from my granny. very happy about that.
    i just packed away most of the summer clothes and pulled out some wooly winter pieces too. it looks like i will have a purple winter with some red and deep green. don´t know how that happend.......

  2. What a fab thing to inherit, the colour is gorgeous with your beautiful dark hair. x

  3. You ARE wearing a piece of family history! Blue is great on you. Love this giant belt too. You look lovely! The rings is a beauty!

  4. Fabulous 1970s pussy-bow blouse, it looks lovely with tan/brown, and how great that it was made by your aunt! xxx