Saturday, 10 November 2012

A great new adventure

Fashion me blog started as a blog primarily on clothes and has been a great outlet for my creativity since then. However , without me planning it , a brand new section has been added to my blog and that's about crochet.
I suspect that what happens in my country , Greece, has forced me to find a new creative way to keep sane and to celebrate my passion for life.

Everyday life has to go on , the kids have to be kissed goodnight and the laundry has to be done , no matter how terrible the situation is. Even more now my house must be a refuge away of it all . I have this urge to decorate and make beautiful every little corner of my house . I want , in a pressing way , to close the door of my house and leave everything behind. Suddenly relaxing in my house has become of great value. Simple things like electricity , the smell of food cooking , a warm house are not there for many of my fellow citizens. 

I only have words of gratitude that my family is safe for the moment .Crochet helps me a great deal because its repetitive moves sort of put me into trance and keep my mind empty or other times I get flooded with inspiration of great projects or ways I want my life to go.

Browsing through lovely crochet blogs on the internet I realised there are zillions of projects of crochet about clothes and accessories and I'm also becoming fascinating about knitting . And there seems to be no end about what  I can make. So I better go crochet for a while and I will keep you posted soon about my adventures. 

What I wore today??? Well , riding skinny pants , riding boots and my favorite scatf , pearl earrings and my Cartier like watch and yes, my nails are painted red... but you've seen me in these clothes many times before so you won't miss the photo.


  1. It sounds like crocheting is creative and therapeutic for you - how great! And it is nice to be in a fashionable "uniform" that looks good without fuss.

  2. It's true that economic hard times make you value what you have, and your home, your family, food, warmth, security - these things are not to be taken for granted. And the crochet is a great way to celebrate your creativity. xx

  3. I hear you about electricity!
    Ours goes out with the first gust of wind. You don't appreciate it until you don't have it.

    I'm not very good with needlework. However, I have a large collection of spraypaint and can turn something ugly into something fresh in no time.

  4. Well done with the knitting and crochet I will look forward to seeing what you make.
    Sally x

  5. I think your plan to make you home a place of refuge is awesome! My home is my sanctuary.
    Your crochet pieces are beautiful. Praying for better times for you and your countrymen.