Monday, 12 November 2012

Wool happy

 Today , I'm super excited bacause I bought my first collection of wool in several beautiful colors. I get so happy even by looking at them. All ideas and beautiful project are running through my head and I just have to make a little organising as to what I want to do first. 
What I already know for sure is that I want to make things to decorate my house and turn it into a small sanctuary.

 In the main time I got inspired and made a small flower garland to decorate my daughter's room. I saw something similar on the web and I tried a few stiches to have a similar result.

Finally I want to share with you how I looked today while teaching in my preppy look and equestrian scarf

                                          plus you get to see my new loafers

Have a great week and don't forget to visit Patti's blog fot the latest addition on Visible Monday !


  1. Love your loafers! Actually, the whole outfit! What a fashionable teacher you are!

  2. Look at the beautiful colours of that wool!
    Love the loafers. xx

  3. My first visit here, and I get to see balls of wool!!! Yeah! I love textile arts and look forward to seeing your creations. Your outfit looks great. I love those loafers.


  4. Great loafers, Angie - so cool. And I love the colors of your new wools. Thanks for sharing your look with Visible Monday.

  5. The colors of your new yarn are so pretty. Love your new loafers!

  6. Oh I love the scarf and the loaferes I want to steal from you.