Wednesday, 7 November 2012

How I love to make things

What can a woman do with a piece of cloth and a bag of this fluffy stuff ???

Well, four pillows that will soon be covered with fabric and some kind of lace and will be given as presents to friends and relatives for the holidays coming

 This is my first doilly ever and although it's not perfect I feel proud first of all because I had to be disciplined to finish it and secondly because for the first tine I could sort of understand the instructions ...It was a big thing for me

I took the last two photos to illustrate that decoration on a shoestring is a new challenge for me and one that takes my fancyat the moment. Here , you can see a wine bottle in the middle that i painted white, a bouquet of wild oregano picked up by a friend and an elegant orange juice bottle that was brought home by elder son , filled with flowers from my garden.

I really think of making a collection of scarves and ballet flats and keep the rest of my clothes on a basic line and one of my future projects is to make my own bags.

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  1. The pillows are going to make wonderful gifts, Angie. And I like your idea of ballet flats + scarves as the key accessories for your look. And BTW, your hair is just gorgeous!