Thursday, 1 November 2012

See what I've done?

By looking at the photo of my outfit I do hope that the scarf and the ballet flats qualify for my equestrian vibe for today. It's still very hot around here as you can see. I still wear short sleeves...I just couldn't add leather boots.

 So I opted for these really cute ballerinas although my husband believes they are more suitable for easter time.

                                                                    See how equestrian my scarf is?

On to my crochet projects now. First I present you with my new project that of the romantic pattern you see bellow. I plan to place this beauty when finished on my night table.

This yellow fillet (it depicts a lighthouse) I finished 10 days ago and I plan to put it on a pillow for a 2 year old along with the beret hat you see below.

 This last photo is about a piece I had made 2 years ago and because I am the queen of procastrination I haven't yet attached it to the bottom of a curtain .
Now I have to run back to crochet plus making a chocolate cake plus studying for school plus getting (mis) informed about the situation over here and in general multi tasking to make it through the day.


  1. Good for you doing crochet!! And I love the scarf and flats!

  2. You're a good crocheter! That's something I never learned to do.

    I like the blouse with the scarf. The patterns do well together.

  3. I love that scarf. I would like to find an equestrian print scarf while at the thrift stores; I see plenty, but none are quite right. The color of yours is especially unique and very pretty on you.

    As for the question you left on my blog, I know that they make fetish merkins, so I guess the answer is yes, some men do find them attractive. I think for the most part though, they really are used by actors and actresses who want to seem authentic when they play a character from the past.

  4. Crochet--a skill I never learned. I think your equestrian look definitely works, flats and all!