Sunday, 29 June 2014

A nice day out

Today was much of a fun day. Me and my husband invited some good friends  and old customers of our rent a car business from all around Europe to an old traditional village in the inland of Crete. Around a big table stuffed with excellent food and delicious local wine we had good conversations and real come together time. This is what I wore



  1. That sounds AMAZING! Looks like the weather is beautiful as well!

  2. Good food, conversation, sunshine, scenery and being with your husband while dressed in a stylish outfit: It all sounds just great!

  3. I love these sorts of gatherings. They are the best ever. You look great also Angie xoxo.

  4. chic! you catch the colors of the great landscape around you in that outfit - earthy green and sky blue!
    as you did in the last post with the fab oleander look :-)
    that "come together" sounds gorgeous.........

  5. What an interesting top. Looking summer fresh! And how lovely is that view. Glad you had a good time in amongst your busyness :-) XO