Monday, 23 June 2014

Florals and cartoon

I put together this outfit in less than 2 seconds. I have packed the clothes I 'm going to wear the next 2 months and I was left with the clothes I don't wear that often or are not what I like best at the moment. So I was somehow forced to make a new combination and this is what I came up with. I liked it so much that I will shoot you with many photos today.

 Outfit details: Hand knitted sweater made for me by my mum in the mid 80s when I was still in high school. I have worn it back then and forgot all about it. But my mum rescued it and I had it in my closet for some time now and it somehow screamed to me to be worn today (I'm not losing it, am I?), skirt thrifted and shortened some summers ago and my new Fullah Sugah shoes, amazing to look at and terribe to walk around for some reason I can't expain, too hard maybe?

But wait, I have one more

As you have noticed by now, I love evrything about this outfit, the bright colors are everywhere but there is still enough white to balance the look. But my weak spot about it is how the shoes and the bag match... by being so different. Who would have thought... florals and cartoon!

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  1. revelation!!! very good look!!! everything I like!!!

  2. Love it Angie. Wow, I don't think I own anything from my teenage years any more. Fabulous!!!

  3. I really like this look, even though it's in your "left-behind" closet! Love the bag/shoes too. xox

  4. Oh yes, I remember tops in that boxy shape in the 1980s! How great to have one made by your mum from then! Love blue and green together, and the splashes of pink look wonderful. xxx

  5. It's a great outfit, fun and fresh and the colours are perfect together! I'm very impressed that you have an item of clothing from high school still in your wardrobe! None of mine would fit me even if I did have any.

  6. I love cotton sweaters like that. It's good your Mum got it out!
    I'm looking forward to seeing your island again.

  7. Hey you! it's good to see you! your jumper is amazing and so special too, it's lovely your Mum made it! your outfit is fabulous and you did it in 2 seconds too, you need to teach me your skills! x x x

  8. Thats a great 2 second outfit !
    I have a really hard time putting outfits together in the morning, so I make an effort to get ready the night before.
    So when you see me looking kind of nice its because i put it together the night before - if not it means I was running round in the morning !

  9. Wonderful colors! So great you still have and can wear the sweater your mom made you.
    Sorry your shoes aren't too comfy. Maybe you can put some gel pads in to cushion the soles of your feet?