Sunday, 22 June 2014

Summer breeze

School is over and the heat is getting unbearable in the middle of the day. Everything is crying for the cooling sea breeze. And my preparations for the meet up keep me buzy for the whole day.

Outfit details : top and shirt both thrifted * jeans shortened Peacocks* shoes Boxer

 Some random facts about this outfit. The thrifted shirt is hand sewn, notice how my necklace and nail polisgh match, it happened by accident. I have a big collection of bangles so I pile them on because what's the use of buying something you don't wear? The bag, shoes and tshirt touch base with black and the orange of the shirt is eckoed in the bag, too. Also notice the beautiful vintage buttons!
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  1. genius to cut the jeans for the hot weather!
    that 2.hand blouse is a gem - someone put a lot of love in it!
    i never come around to paint my fingernails this days, toes must be enough. but your two-tone-manicure is very chic! can you come over and paint it on me ;-)

  2. This looks very cute and summery. I like how your necklace and nails match so you should pretend you are so clever you did it on purpose. LOL. Like Beate, I only paint my toes. Once in awhile I attempt some nude polish on my fingers but it gets ruined within a day. Cutting the jeans shorter was a good idea. I should consider that I could do that with any in the thrift shop that are too short for me, as they often are.

  3. Just looking at you makes me warm! Which is a good thing right now in the sleety rain of Canberra.
    I love your matching nails and necklace. Its amazing when we put something together it shows our taste and always works. The daisies just say summer, along with the turquoise. Lovely against the fence. Enjoy summer! XO