Saturday, 21 June 2014

Housewife dress

I found my housewife dress yesterday and fell in love with the pattern and the colors. It's heavy polyester/cotton blend though and it will stay in my closet until fall. I can't wait to explore all the layering possibilities but until then I had to give it the plaid shirt treatment!

On its own it looks dated and of course that's why I like it but it's also a challenge to make it look more modern.

Outfit details : Dress thrifted, plaid shirt H&M, bag & jewellery thrifted, shoes local market


I can't get enough of the subtle colors and the daises. So beautiful retro feeling. Already one of my favorite dresses.

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  1. wow, this is good look!!!

  2. You totally nailed it! It doesn't look dated on you at all! Just adorable, as you are :-)

  3. I love that dress Angie, and it's got pockets! Love your accessories, and that plaid shirt has definitely earned it's place in your wardrobe.. You look fabulous. xx

  4. Such a very pretty print, and the addition of the checked shirt is perfect! xxx

  5. I love the way you update things by mixing and matching them! Thanks for the master class :-)

  6. The colours are so pretty and I love how you paired it with the shirt. It's a great way to make it look updated and unfussy.