Friday, 27 June 2014

Summer days

Hallo again! I'm busy working most of the time in our rent a car office but I manage to steal a couple of minutes to get my photos. We have found with my daughter this fantastic spot in the shade of  this ivy like plant. It has outgrown to a cave like place, our secret little place to take the photos.

 We had a few drinks with friends yesterday and it wasn't easy to wake up in the morning but I had to.
I put on the simple option this thrifted animal print dress. It's polyester but with good lining and it fits like glove.

And this is what I wore the first day 

I will post in a couple of days maybe earlier. I hope you have  great summer days, signature


  1. very nice dress :)))

  2. What beautiful settings - the sea and the ivy. I really like your easy summer dresses too. xo

  3. The mixed pattern animal print dress with turquoise accents looks fantastic! Hope you have some rest this summer too!

  4. I spy your adorable daughter! you look fabulous in all of your outfits and it is never easy to get up after a fun night out is it? but you pulled it off perfectly x x x